Dear Guests!

Unfortunately, our hotel is out of service from 11 November 2020 until 28 of February 2021! Thank you for your understanding! We wish you good health!

From 1 March 2021, we will open our hotel t pour Guest arriving for business, economic or eduvational purposes in accordance with Section 10 (3) of Government Decree 484/2020 (XI10).

Common ares, outdoors, hotel rooms





Our staff is healthy. No one can come to work on suspicion of illness. We constantly monitor their health.

We held hygienic trainings. We apply what we have learned. Every member of our staff works in a mask according to the rules.

Please work with us when we ask you to follow the rules.


Common areas

The air conditioning and air blowers have undergone full cleaning maintenance.

In our own laundry we eash and dry the bed linen, bathrobes and towels at the right temperature, with chemicals that appropriate with the hygiene rules.

The handles are disinfected several times a day, and we do the same with everything that can be touched (railings) or that has a button (elevator, coffee machine, etc.)

We clean our rooms, common areas and all areas and surfaces that can be touched with extreme care and special disinfectant.

Contactless hand sanitizer dispensers were placed in the common areas.

In the elevators, only one household members can travel at the same time. Please keep a sufficient distance from multiple guests and wait for the empty elevator to arrive.

Only hotel guests can stay in our hotel.



We look forward to your cooperation upon arrival!

Please make a statement on arrival that you are visiting our hotel for business, economic or educational purposes permitted under Section 10 (3) of Government Decree 484/2020 (XI.10). We wull send the statement/certificate in advance, which you should return to us before arrival or bring it with you.

If you declare that you are not staying at our hotel for the above purpose, or if you refuse to do so, we will unfortunately not be able to host you at our hotel.

On arrival you have to declare that you have no symptoms of coronavirus, you are not under quarantine surveillance or treatment. You acknowledge the need to follow general hygiene rules and government regulations in order to protect the health of you and other guests and staff.


During the check-in the guests has to fill a questionnaire alongside with the registration form.


Room cards are disinfected!


Keep your distance when you have to wait and choose contactless payment methods!

Due to the nature of the travel, we will not accept a Szép card during your stay for economic/business/educational purposes.

If required we will provide you gloves and mask for a fee, please ask our reception staff for this.

We operate our hotel flexibly according to epidemiological regulations, which means a shutdown can be ordered. If we cannot accept the confirmed reservation for the above reason, we will inform our Guests before arrival.



Our routine colleagues have cleaned up so far that the safety of the home awaits our guests. Now they are paying even more attention to this.


Restaurant services

Before you enter the restaurant, please use the hand sanitizer at the entrance!

Please wear a mask in the restaurant and bar except during consumption.


Our collegues will help you with the seating and to keep the right distance. Our guests can sit at the designated table in the restaurant and bar.

We pay special attantion to all surfaces, tools and buttons that need to be touched.

So far we kept strict regulations when preparing meals (HACCP food safety system), we have a practice of following strict rules.

We regularly disinfect the equipment, vending machine buttons and other surfaces. We disinfect every table after guests and put on new fabrics.

We replaced our textile napkins with disposable paper napkins.

The services of the restaurant and bar can only used by our hotel guests.

Our  staff wears masks and gloves.


Wellness & Spa

Our wellness section always operates in accordance  with the current government regulations.

We take a longer break between massages to allow enough time for disinfection.

Wearing a mask

If the relevant provisions are not complied with even after the request of our staff we have to send off the guests.

After the second warning the hotel has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect without compensation and repayment obligation!

We ask for your kind cooperation and understanding regarding the observance of the new provisions!



We do our best to keep the pathogens outside the walls of the hotel, please help us to do so by following the instructions.

We wish all our dear guests undisturbed, pleasant relaxtion!

If there are any changes in the current regulations, we will review our measures and change them accordingly.

The primary aspect is to protect the health of our Guests and Employees at any time.

Information sheet about Coronavirus

Information sheet for tourists in regard to the prevention of the COVID-19 infection

Considering that there have been a few isolated cases of COVID-19 infection in Hungary, we would like to ask that you carefully consider the following information and that you follow the guidance provided below.

As with influenza and other microbes that cause respiratory symptoms, the primary mode of person-to-
person transmission for the new coronavirus is through respiratory droplets. These droplets contain the virus and are produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes.

As per our current knowledge, those infected with the new coronavirus are either asymptomatic or have
mild symptoms in about 80% of cases. The mortality rate of the disease is around 2-3%.

The most common symptoms of the disease are fever, chills, a dry cough and shortness of breath. In
addition, any of the following symptoms may also be present: a sore throat; muscle pain; nasal  congestion; a runny nose; and fatigue.

In case you experience any of the symptoms mentioned above, especially:

  • if you are experiencing a fever with a temperature of 38°C or above, as well as a rapid onset of cough or shortness of breath, regardless of the severity of the symptoms, and
  • if you have been in close contact in the 14 days prior to the onset of symptoms with someone confirmed to have or suspected of having COVID-19 infection, or
  • if you have been to China, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, South-Korea, Iran, or the Italian regions of Lombardy, Emilia-Romagna, Veneto or Piedmont,

you should immediately contact the hotel staff, your host or your interpreter and ask them to call the free coronavirus hotline operating 24/7 in both Hungarian and English on +36-80-277-455 or +36-80-277-456.

The telephone call will be answered by National Public Health Centre staff who will ask you to inform them
of any symptoms you are currently experiencing, details of your recent travel history, and details of anybody you have been in recent contact with who was showing signs of respiratory symptoms. Based on the information you provide, the National Centre for Public Health will then decide what further action to take, if necessary.