Offers by Miskolctapolca

The hotel is located in the centre of Miskolc-Tapolca. Here our guests may enjoy everything that is offered by mother nature when she chooses to be generous. Our hotel is located at a distance of only 500 m from the Cave Bath, a facility unique even in Europe. The Bath offers recently recovered pools and germfree air to those wishing to spend time with relaxation and recreation. Around the Cave Bath, further options for entertainment are the Boat Lake and a park.

The hotel is located at a distance of 10 minutes from the inner city of Miskolc. The city and its surroundings offer something to see and options for relaxation for every day. Our guests may visit Diósgyőr Castle, the Orthodox Church with its unique museum, and they may spend relaxing hours at the wonderful parks and limestone caves of Lillafüred. The narrow-gauge railway offering to children an unforgettable experience can also be found in Lillafüred.

Cave Bath, Lake Cave

One of the real treasures of the region is the Lake Cave transformed into a Cave Bath, caved by water throughout thousands of years out of the hard limestone rocks. Although the Lake Cave that is the core of the Cave Bath was already known by prehistoric man, it is mentioned in writing for the first time in 1936 by Kerekes. It was transformed into a Cave Bath no sooner than in 1959, following long-lasting preparation works.

Cave Bath

At the Cave Bath of Miskolctapolca, a facility unique in Europe, it is an unmatched experience to swim and bathe in the indoor pool of nature, in the thermal water of pleasant temperature springing from the depths of the mountain, and to enjoy the clear air free of any contaminants. There are many who also believe in its healing effect, which is primarily due to the pleasant, curative climate of the cave, and its warm karst water. In the past couple of years there have been significant developments undertaken at the Cave Bath. The therapeutics section was extended both as to its area and its standard. There have been new treatment rooms established and a new medicinal pool was built. In the pool, therapeutic underwater gymnastics are also offered. There has also been a so-called “pathway” established that also contributes to the healing of patients visiting the facility. There were 2 children’s pools of 100 m2 constructed, the Szeghalmi lake bath was rebuilt and an arched swimming pool was also prepared. The swim islands constructed on the lake are also very popular. The sauna grove was delivered, and bathing/swimming at night was made available.

Bob-sled track

The bob-sled track in Miskolctapolca open all year round is the most exciting track in Hungary, having lots of curves and a good incline. The track of a length of over 800 metres starts out from the woods above the Boat Lake, opposite the new bridge located at the summer exit of the Cave Bath. This is where passengers get into the cars, and the track mechanism hauls them upwards to the top of the track.There the cars are automatically detached, and the brakes managed by the passenger are to be used from that point on. The track is absolutely safe, for the bob-sleds seating two persons cannot exceed a speed of 40 km/h, this is prevented by a safety device..

Bob-sled track

The track is of German construction, they are famous for environment protection, so the track was built without cutting one single tree. In the summer season, visitors may also use the facility at night, illuminated by electric lights, which is unique in Hungary. Anyone can use the track: from 3 years to 99 years of age.

Opening hours:

  • From 1 May to 30 September daily, from 10.00 a.m. to 10.00 p.m.
  • From 1 October to 30 April daily, from 10.00 a.m. to 8.00 p.m.

Ticket prices:

  • adults: 1 run HUF 500/person
    5 runds HUF 2,150/person
  • children /till 14 years old/ : 1 run HUF 400/person
    6 runds HUF 1,650/person

Rock Chapel

The cave was constructed in 1934 and sanctified in 1935. The altar holds the relic of the martyrs from Kosice. When renovated in 1995, there was a Székely gate erected in remembrance dr. Páter Szabó Pius, the initiator of the construction works. Dr. Páter Szabó Pius, dean from Transylvania, visited Miskolctapolca in 1934. At that time, Rudolf Pataky, his friend, showed him the two caves carved into tuff on ”Verebes tető”, that were used as sheepcotes.

Rock Chapel

The guest was overwhelmed by the beautiful view from the cave, therefore he suggested a cave chapel to be built there in service of the spiritual life of holiday visitors. Rudolf Pataky offered an area of 650 square stacks for this purpose.
The plans of the chapel were designed by László Menner, engineer from Miskolc. The sculptures were designed and donated to the chapel by János Máriahegyi. During the war the chapel was destroyed, and its reconstruction was completed in 1965. The Rock Chapel serving as a chapel for the Catholic community has been a tourist attraction ever since. Masses are held every Sunday beginning at 10.00 a.m.

Boat Lake

The romantic little lake located in the popular park in Tapolca, has become a memory of the inhabitants of Miskolc and visitors both as a sight and a boat lake, and greatly contributes to the enrichment of the aqua culture of Tapolca.

Boat Lake

The lake has been a home to swans and wild ducks for years, and they make the lake special. The Boat Lake is a popular venue of events. It is full of life mainly during the summer season, when there are spectacular events and shows organised in its surroundings. In the vicinity of the lake there is the Adventure Tour Park, recommended for those who are not afraid to test their courage on top of trees.

Adventure Tour Park

In line with the development of the service infrastructure of Miskolctapolca, the primary aim of the establishment of the Adventure Tour Park was to provide special outdoor entertainment opportunities for all age groups. This is where the largest cable-way system constructed in a natural environment can also be found.p>

Adventure Tour Park

The ropeway system is located in an area of about 1,000 m2, and it offers a diversity of 25 obstacle tracks and a 50 m long Tyrolean slide. Visitors may test their courage and skillfulness along a two-stage cable system - the easier blue track of 3-6 metres, and the red colour track at 6-8 metres height.

For the construction, about 1,200 metres of steel wire were used, so the length of the cable-way is about 250 metres. The track system is environment friendly, made by so-called bolster technology, attached to the “waist of the trees”, thus reducing any injury of the plants to a minimum.