Bonfini Restaurant - Miskolctapolca

Our aparthotel has a restaurant to seat 60 persons, and it is named after Bonfini, one of the historiographers of King Matthias. The atmosphere of the “Ristorante Bonfini”, our restaurant furnished with taste provides a true reflection of the Renaissance era. The inner room to accommodate 30 persons is an elegant restaurant, whereas the outer room is furnished as a beer parlour. The fire blazing in the fireplace makes the atmosphere of the restaurant even more intimate. The menu offers a great variety of the meals, according to Hungarian and international gastronomy.


Events: birthdays, christenings, weddings, school farewell ceremonies...

The Restaurant can accommodate 60 persons, and it is suitable for the organisation of birthdays, namedays, christenings, weddings, school farewell ceremonies and diploma award celebrations, continued training sessions, class days, team building, esprit de corps events and development training, class reunions, gatherings for family and friends.

In the summer season our dear Guests are also welcome to visit our garden facility! At the Restaurant we also accept Holiday Vouchers, Ticket Meal and Ticket Hot Meal Vouchers!

Interesting information: our name- giver, ANTONIO BONFINI

/1427-1502 /

He was a historiographer of King Matthias. The king assigned the poet of Italian origin to process Hungarian history. The reason for that was that the Hungarian Chronicle by János Thuróczi was found to be intolerably barbaric by more sophisticated circles of the court. Matthias requested Bonfini to write our history in Latin language, in a worthy volume, and by a concept desired by the king. After the death of Matthias, King Władysław renewed the assignment and the book was written in 38 volumes. For his work, Bonfini was raised to Hungarian noble rank by king Władysław, and he was awarded the title poet laureate.